Cold Glue Solutions

Cold Roll Series

Datco Cold Roll applicators range in size from .5″ to 36″. Our unique design combined with high quality manufacturing makes one of the most reliable and easily maintained cold glue rolls on the market.

– 3.5” diameter aluminum or stainless steel roll
– .5”- 36” models available
– Brother AC Gear motor with Minarick variable speed variable frequency drive
– Aluminum and stainless steel construction
– Easily breaks down for cleaning
– Available presentation bar for running labels
– Available hold down roll for running thicker products over the roll

What makes Datco different?

– Heavy duty Industrial ac motor variable speed and no brushes
– No belts, chains or exposed gears
– Breaks down for cleaning in seconds with no tools required
– Compact design with small foot print

Cold Versa Roll Series

The Versa-Roll: Cold functions the same way as the Versa-Roll hot glue applicators with a few adaptations to make it ideal for cold glue. The Versa Roll Cold can be configured in several ways to suit your application. Hold rolls can be added for some substrate, or an in-feed table can be added with pick off points to accommodate labels.

– With rolls from 6”-50” there is a Versa-Roll cold to fit a wide range of applications.

– Easy Maintenance: The Versa-Roll: Cold employs a series of features that make it ideal for running water based adhesives and other cold glues. The roll itself is stainless steal eliminating the threat of rust. Also, the Versa-Roll: Cold is easily disassembles allowing the operator to thoroughly wash all parts of the machine.

– Versatility: The Versa-Roll Cold can be configured to either top of bottom coat by moving the hold-down roll to the top or bottom of the applicator roll. The distance between the hold-down roll and the applicator roll can also be easily adjusted by loosening two knobs and raising or lowering it to the required height. By adding a table and pick off points the Versa Roll easily converts to a label gluer.